#5, #57, #67 Gravel / Stone

GravelThis stone is used for drains and driveways as a covering to crush and rush which is used as a base for roads and drain. #5, #57 or #67 is normally used to cover Crush and Run which making the driveway more presentable. The stone keeps it dry during the rain and is less likely to be overgrown with grass or weeds as this might be the case with dust rich ABC.

78 M Gravel / Stone

GravelJust like #5 the 78M crushed stone / gravel is used mostly for driveways on top of Crush and Run base. It provides uniform stone surface (stones are about ~3/8 inch size and had no or very little dust).

Brick Chips

GravelUsed as an alternative to mulch. Mulch needs to be replaced but brick chips last a long time providing a contrast to your flowerbed and allowing for water to seep through.

Crush & Run (ABC) Gravel / Stone

GravelThis is used as a base for roads, building pads, and driveways. This creates a solid bottom layer and helps trap the sediment

Screenings Gravel / Stone

GravelCalled rock dust this is used as a base for paver roads instead of sand because the stones settle into a harder base. This stone creates a uniform and complete cover for your gravel road.