Brown Mulch

MulchBrown mulch is rising in popularity due to the contrast that it provides. Brown mulch helps you to stand out from your neighbors who are using pine needles or red mulch giving you the unique look that you desire

Cedar Mulch

MulchIf you want a long lasting mulch then cedar mulch is the choice for you. Cedar mulch tends to decay slower than other types of mulches and it can help you control weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and discourage insects.

Cypress Mulch

MulchCypress mulch lasts you a long time a quality that is great for long term projects like that playground you have been planning for your kids to the flower bed that you plant every year.. This type of mulch requires minimal upkeep and helps you to stay insect free.

Pine Bark Large Nuggets

MulchThis type of mulch is great for decorating from afr. The large nuggets help you to create a pleasant viewing experience and a uniform landscape in places that are not up close.

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

MulchThis is one of the most popular types of mulches and many people are disappointed to see it gone come midsummer. This mulch is great for walkways and decorative paths helping you get the look that you want.

Red Mulch

MulchThis is a common choice for developers and landscapers all around due to its vibrant color. And the change it goes through during the season from spring to fall starting off red and moving to a subtle pink.